Lavender Soap and a Thick Dry Towel

Thanksgiving is a beautiful word.  When we are thankful our attitude changes.  It improves.  And then, as if by magic, our situation looks better.  It’s healthy to give thanks.

A day to celebrate harvest and to give thanks is part of different cultures all over the world.  I made a list of some of the thanksgiving dates from around the world:

• Thanksgiving in America occurs in November.
• My Korean friends tell me that thanksgiving in Korea is in August and is called Chuseok.
• Ghana and Nigeria have a Yam Festival in August.
• Southern India has Pongal in January.
• Thanksgiving Day in Canada  is on a Monday in October.
• England has harvest festivals in early autumn.
• Germany has Erntedankfest in September each year.
• Jewish families celebrate a 7-day autumn harvest festival called Sukkoth.
• The Chinese harvest festival is called Chung Ch’ui or August Moon Festival.
• Vietnam has a mid-August Têt-Trung-Thu.

Here in New Zealand, we don’t have our own thanksgiving day.  And although that’s sad in one way, it also means that I can be reminded to be thankful on the many other thanksgiving days around the world.

Today, I am thankful for my returning good health, after being pretty sick for six weeks.  I am thankful for the good health and love of my five children.  I am thankful for my gentle, loving husband.  I am thankful for the peaceful country I live in, my small but happy home, my peaceful back yard, the happy spring weather, the approaching holiday season…

Those are big things that I am thankful for.  I am also thankful for little things.  This morning I am already thankful for:

• Lavender scented soap, hot water and a thick, dry towel for washing my hands.
• Daisies that make my lawn look summery, even if they are growing where they are not wanted.
• A pot of earl grey tea in the middle of each morning when I am ‘gasping for a cuppa’.
• A very large, very hot flat white served so prettily while I sit and chat with one of my grown up daughters when we have our weekly coffee date.
• Lying in bed,chatting with my teenagers late last night when I was planning to read in bed for ten minutes.
• Helping my favourite three-year-old to water the garden, plant sunflower seeds, collect fruit, play in the sandpit, and make a sandwich.
• Having the freedom to practice and talk about my faith freely without fear.

These are just a very few of the hundreds of little things I am thankful for every day.  What are you thankful for? Make your list.  Put it on your fridge.  Add to it regularly.  It will make you truly happy.  I promise.

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