Special Price Offer

I am always on the lookout for special offers for you, and this week I am really happy to report that I’ve come across a fabulous discount on a popular math and phonics program.

35% off the retail price of Saxon products for a limited period!

Saxon Math

Saxon is most famous for its complete homeschool mathematics program. Its strengths are its systematic approach with instruction, practice, and assessment. Each lesson is about an hour long and consists of a quick daily test, warm-up skills, a lesson, lesson practice and ‘mixed practice’. There are tests every five lessons, and an investigation every ten lessons. Most of the work is self-explanatory, which is good if the parent is unable or unwilling to teach mathematics.

Saxon Math Homeschool 5/4: Complete kit including student/teacher manual, solutions manual, tests and worksheets  For Grade 5 (11 yrs old) or a bright Grade 4 child. Customised for homeschooling, 12 Investigations and an Illustrated Glossary, 120 Lessons. Each daily lesson includes warm-up activities, teaching of the new concept, and practice of new and previous material, two-color format.

Saxon Phonics

Saxon also has a phonics prgram.

The first level in the program is Saxon Phonics 1, Home Study Kit.  It comes with a student workbook,  teacher’s manual, and teaching tools.

Phonics 1 works in small logical steps to develop a child’s reading skills.  As you would expect, new concepts are introduced slowly and methodically.  The teaching manual is a fat, spiral-bound 890 page manual with detailed script for every element of every lesson.  There are two student work books, as well as a book of literature extensions and a book containing grammar and phonetic rules.

So get over to Saxon now and order your supplies at this fabulous price!

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