The Easiest and Most Fun Easter Cards Ever

One of the nicest ways to help children to prepare for Easter is to help them make Easter cards. And I’ve got instructions here for making the simplest and sweetest Easter card that even tiny people can join in on and the older ones will enjoy the novelty of making. The instructions are in two parts:


Part 1

1. Get some yellow acrylic or tempera paint on a paint tray.  I like to use a small plate covered with a large piece of plastic food wrap.  Then when we’ve finished the project I can just lift the plastic wrap and throw it away then there is no washing up.

2. Get a nicely shaped carrot and cut it through near the fat, stalk end, and again near the thin end.  This will give you two circles of different size. The carrot will be your ‘stamp’.

3. Get plain white paper and aprons for each child.

4. Show your child how to stamp a large circle and then a small circle just touching the large circle.

5. Allow your child to have lots of fun stamping. 

6. Expect that most of the stamps will be incorrect, but as your child is likely to do lots of stamping, you will be able to find enough correct shapes for the greeting cards.

7. Allow the paint to dry, throw away the painty plastic wrap and the carrot.  Get  your child to wash his hands. That’s the messy part done! (Not too messy, eh?)

  Part 2

1. Choose the best shapes and cut them out with a large white border.

2. Show your child how to add an eye, two legs and a beak to the stamped shapes to make chicks.

3. Get some attractive coloured card and fold to make the greeting card.

4. Glue the stamped chicks to the card.

5. Add some greetings like ‘Happy Easter’.

6. On the inside of the card you can add a note about the relevance of Easter eggs (and so chicks).  Here’s a suggestion: “An egg looks like a hard rock.  But when it hatches, a wonderful little chick appears.  That is why eggs are a good symbol for Easter.  They remind us that new life can come from unexpected places and that we have new life in Jesus.”

7. Sign the cards and send them to friends and family.

Happy Easter!

P.S. Do you make Hot Cross Buns at Easter?  Here’s my own recipe in detail with explanations and a photo.  Enjoy!


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