Thinking Ahead

This week I printed my own copy of The Homeschooler’s Christmas Planner and settled down to organise myself in readiness for ‘the busy season’.

It’s funny pulling out  a planner that you made with others in mind and then finding it so useful for yourself.  I like the planner.  I like the way it helps me get organised and focused.  I like the way it focuses me on the important stuff and keeps me from being over ambitious in what I am going to achieve.

I encourage you to get yourself a planner to help you through the next seven weeks.  And enjoy the moment – both the planning and the doing. And there’s a free gift for you too.  But more on that later.

If you want US spellings and American Letter size paper then click here:Christmas Planner

The Homeschooler’s Christmas Planner


And if you want New Zealand/ English spellings and A4 size paper then click here:Christmas Planner A4 (2022x314)The Homeschooler’s Christmas Planner A4 size

And if you have bought a Christmas Planner in years gone by, please email me and I will send you a complimentary copy of this year’s one with the 2015 calendars, diary, and Christmas card and present lists.

Finally, you can have this little book free when you purchase a planner:

It’s Only Christmas – A Christian Homeschooling Mother’s Peaceful Walk Through Adventits-only-christmas-spiral (640x640)

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