Ways to Enjoy Wonderful July

Have you noticed how everyone is always amazed at how fast time flies?  They gasp and comment and wonder where the time has gone as if it’s something new and surprising.  But we know it’s not new, and we shouldn’t be surprised. 

We are already half way through 2012.  We are about six months away from Christmas if we look forward or back. And we are all ready for a bit of a break and a change of pace.

One of the important things we learn as mothers and especially as homeschool mothers is that we are responsible for setting the pace for ourselves and our children.  No-one else will say ‘It’s time to stop now, and take a rest.’ Or ‘You look tired, take a few days to rest and relax”.  You have to do that to yourself. And I’ve got some tips to help you improve the balance in your life and enjoy the slower season of July.

  1. Set a slower pace for everyone, and especially for yourself.
  2. Do NOT use this time of refreshment to try and ‘catch up’.  Make it a proper refreshment time for everyone so that you will all come back to studies feeling reinvigorated and eager to go.
  3. Change the morning routine; sleep in a little bit later, and go through things a bit slower.
  4. Don’t slip into late nights – try to keep bedtime at your optimal regular time.
  5. Spend time with people who refresh you and encourage you in what you are doing.
  6. Give everyone a small, fun project to complete during the next few weeks.  This will give your children focus and give some small structure to their days.
  7. Let your emergent reader/writer do a few words a day so that they don’t lose what they have learned but make it easy and fun.
  8. Let your fluent readers read more fun books like Tin Tin or Asterix.
  9. Make meal times more relaxed affairs by making very simple meals and eating in a different place, at a different time, or sitting in different places.  
  10. Try to get out in the fresh air – take walks, enjoy wildlife, have picnics, watch the birds, do a bit of gardening with the children. 
  11. Don’t use the screen (computer, TV or movies) as a babysitter; allow your child to be a bit bored if need be.  It gives him an opportunity to be creative and enjoy some good, old-fashioned playtime.
  12. Above all, ENJOY!  Enjoy your children and your life.  If your life is not enjoyable change one little thing to improve things so that you can take pleasure in everyday life.

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