We Have Lambs

Maybe it’s because I am still quite new to country life (only been living in the country a year) but I’m thrilled and delighted every time I see a newborn lamb. The first lamb of the season was right outside our bedroom window – what a happy surprise!

07 31 Lambs (1)

We’ve had lots of twins and they are the cutest ever.  They usually stick close to each other and so precious when they decide to play – jumping as though they have springs in their legs, finding everything interesting.

07 31 Lambs (9)

I like the way they stick close to mum, and the way the ewes are such peaceful, diligent mothers.  I saw a ewe guiding her little ones away from some nosey calves in the next paddock, the calves having raced to the fence to inspect the sheep.

07 31 Lambs (6)

I saw another ewe calling to her young as she settled down for a rest. Her twin babes dashed over to her and snuggled in next to her.

07 31 Lambs (10)

I had heard that sheep are good mothers, and watching the sheep closely the past few weeks I can see that it’s true.  And it’s somehow comforting to see. I’m learning a lot from the sheep. 🙂

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