What Children Really Need At Christmas

Children Light the Advent CandleIn general, people ask Christmas to do too much for them. You just can’t expect Christmas to be everything that all the media hype tells you it could or should be. An important point for me to remember during December is “rest is not selfishness”.

It might help to know that research shows what children really need and want for Christmas.  The things that children really need and want are not a pillowcase full of expensive toys, new technology equipment or any of the other million things advertisers tell us our children need.  They have four simple needs:

1. Relaxed Loving Time With the Family

Children are happy when parents are happy, so relax and enjoy the day, rather than trying to make everything perfect.

2. Realistic Expectations About Gifts

They are not asking for or needing wildly expensive gifts, all the activities, all the trimmings, or everything that everyone else has.

3. An Evenly Paced Holiday Season

You are the one to set the pace.  Do it thoughtfully and well.  It helps to have quiet times as well as busy times.  Time in the day and the week for reflection, refreshment and refocusing is good for you and for the children.

4. Strong Family Traditions

Traditions give children comfort and security. You can make your own traditions if you don’t already have them. You can set aside certain dates for activities, for example. A family calendar with pictures and dates is a good idea for younger people.

A Written Plan Might Be Useful

You might find it helpful to have a written plan for Christmas. You can set realistic goals ahead of time and you will have something to refer to and reassure you as you move painlessly and happily through the busy season. This is as important in the area of activities as it is in the area of spending. It isn’t right to be paying for Christmas all year long. And it’s not a good idea to arrive at Christmas Day with the family feeling exhausted and relieved.

However you decide what parts of Christmas are most deserving of your efforts, enjoy it.  Enjoy it!  Christmas can be so much fun.  Enjoy it.

This article is taken from my 27-page e-book It’s Only Christmas: A Homeschooling Mother’s Peaceful Walk Through Advent

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