Why Bother With Advent?

Today, 28 November is the first Sunday of Advent.  So what’s Advent and why should we, as homeschoolers, bother with it?

Advent is the four weeks leading to Christmas Day. It’s a time for preparing for Christmas from a spiritual point of view. It’s focusing on the why of Christmas, rather than focusing on the what of Christmas.

If you are interested in this, then you will benefit from downloading this free eBook, a  Christmas Planner written for Christian homeschoolers.  It’s probably my most personal book, and has prayers, thoughts and notes on Christmas, the true meaning of Christmas, and how to prepare with your children.   Here it is:  It’s Only Christmas.  

And if you are interested in getting organised and planning, then here’s  the 2021 Homeschooler’s Christmas Planner  This planner will help you to keep organised and in control of your Christmas plans.  You might not use all the pages, but there are plenty of pages for you to look at and then you use the ones that suit you and your plans.

Both these eBooks are available free for you to download, just click on the links, to get the PDFs.

This year, Advent feels more important than usual. As confusion in the world continues and even increases, slowing down for Advent becomes more precious, and its value increases in keeping us balanced and focused on the right things.

It helps to remember that it’s not a race to Christmas Day when you can start enjoying the Christmas holidays.  You can enjoy Advent and the preparations too, if you pace yourself, have realistic expectations for all, and focus on the reason for the season. Happy Advent to you.

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