A Homeschool Success Story

Here’s a note from my friend, Heather Ducat. I had the pleasure of teaching her son English and Latin for a few years.  And I was delighted to hear her good news this week.  Read on…

 My 14-year-old son has received a lovely surprise in achieving the top result in the world  in the 2010 English Literature  Cambridge IGCSE.

We are sharing this with you, not because we need to air our delight for him, but  because we want to encourage  home schoolers that good education and results can and do happen at home as well as in institutions.  My boy is off to school  this year with our blessing.

Alex is a great reader and I believe because we have fed him vast numbers of good books, followed his love of learning, his interests, and given him time to be, that he has been able to achieve to such a high level.

Alex was entirely home schooled for the exam, but because he enrolled for the exam via Senior College and sat the exam there, the result will be added to their statistics.

I want to acknowledge the many people who have along the way encouraged me in my walk in home learning with my children. Alex has been encouraged and assisted by Alicia Leitch  to think and write as his own person, not just to regurgitate notes. Alicia’s input was also invaluable in helping Alex with exam technique (his first ever exam) and mastering the structure that Cambridge expect.

We are also grateful to Stephanie Walmsley for her inspiration earlier on in the home schooling journey. I hasten to add, we are still doing home learning and am blessed thatI have our 11 year old enjoying the richness of home learning to date.

Heather Ducat

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