Stop, Listen and Enjoy

This week I have a new article in the Guest Writers section.

Please take time to treat yourself to a lovely article written by my Spanish friend, Silvia Cachia.  The article is called Stop, Listen and Enjoy and Silvia tells her story of her homeschool journey to date, using beautiful words, fonts  colours and pictures.

Here’s a taste of the article from Silvia:

‘I believe that at no other time in my life I have felt more important, content, active in educating myself, as now, when I am more and more invisible to the world but very loved and appreciated by non-famous people, and most of all, by Him, who knows all the stars in the firmament, all the hairs on our head, our thoughts and our worries, our joys and our dreams.’

This is so rich!  And there’s more! 

Go and read it now!  Stop, Listen and Enjoy

Enjoy your children,




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