A Problem with List Making

… the real work is unseen.

I like lists and I like ticking tasks off my to-do list as I complete them.  It improves my efficiency, it gives me a great sense of accomplishment, and I like the sense of achievement I see in children when they see tasks completed well.  But one problem with making a list is that we can become so list-focused that we forget why we made the list in the first place. 

We know that a list is a tool for us to us.  It helps us be more effective as a mother and in homeschooling. But as soon as we start to focus on producing something or on having something from the children to indicate that learning has taken place, we are slipping into ‘backwards thinking’. 

The whole point of homeschooling and of learning is that we and our children learn.  In the moment of learning we experience, we enjoy the moment, we accomplish something, and we grow a little bit.

But if the list becomes too important, we are merely striving to tick something off the list.  The joy goes from the activity, and we are left with the measly pleasure of checking a box on a piece of paper.

Keep focused.

But by keeping our focus what we want to achieve, we keep the joy in our homeschooling. The best focus we can have is a focus on relationship and on growing our children in maturity and wisdom. And, of course, on enjoying family life. 

The beautiful picture or science experiment or piece of music played or story written are likely outcomes, and they are precious because they are indicators that
learning has taken place.  That’s all. 
Because the real work is totally unseen.

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  1. So true Stephanie, I constantly need to remember this as I’m very list orientated but my daughter is NOT! I know she is learning but not always in my way.

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