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Everything here is free for you to use and enjoy.  Just click on the links, no email address required in exchange for the things here.  I just ask that if you share anything from here with your friends please share the whole document including my name and this website address.  Better still – invite your friends to come here and choose their own freebies. Thanks. 🙂

The NZ Homeschooler’s 2021 Christmas Planner This is a lovely planner for you to download and print.  It will help you keep organised and in control of your Christmas plans.  You might not use all the pages, but there are plenty of pages for you to look at and then you use the ones that suit you and your plans. (N.B. This is the new 2021 planner. I have been making this for many years and I make a new one for each year to keep you up to date.)

It’s Only Christmas.    This is a companion book to the Christmas eBook, written for Christian homeschoolers.  It’s probably my most personal book, and has prayers, thoughts and notes on Christmas, the true meaning of Christmas, and how to prepare with your children.

Dogger – Study Guide This is a literature study guide on the picture story book of Dogger, a well-loved, stuffed toy dog. The book is written and illustrated by Shirley Hughes who is a fabulous artist with great insight into family life with young children. The study guide has  activities and discussion questions for under-seven-year-olds. Enjoy!

The Load of Unicorn – Study Guide   This is a literature study guide for one of my favourite children’s history novels.  Written by Cynthia Harnett, I would say this novel is almost faultless.  It’s a chapter book, so is suitable for children aged 8 – 14. Although I think you might find that children older and younger than this age group will enjoy the book.  I hope that the study guide helps to add to your enjoyment of the book.

Old Blue The Rarest Bird in the World – Study Guide This literature study guide on the picture story book about the rescue of the rare Chatham Islands Robin has activities and discussion questions suitable for a wide range of children and so is very suitable for teaching across the age range.

A Dozen Living Books For grown ups and teens.  This is a treat for book lovers and avid readers. I’ve written reviews on twelve interesting books that are ‘off the beaten track’.

Easter For Families Here’s a little eBook with ideas for celebrating Easter. Some ideas for working with your children, some thoughts for you, and some Easter cooking.

I hope you find something of interest here for you. 🙂   In the meantime, if you need a word of support or encouragement, don’t hesitate to drop me a note. stephanie at homeschool family life dot com.