Great and Simple Pleasures

Fathers Day called for a special family afternoon tea with best china, scones, home made jam and mascarpone cheese (which replaces the Cornish clotted cream I’ve only ever tasted in England).  This is always something of a ritual at our house; something to look forward to, enjoy and remember fondly.

Not that long ago I had the great pleasure of special afternoon tea with Miss-Four-Year-Old  We were at home alone together and so we decided to make things a bit special.

We set the table with cups and saucers, we had home made jam tarts, I had tea in a teapot and Miss-Four-Year-Old poured her orange juice from a little jug into her cup.  She poured it back into the jug and back into the cup a few times, but that’s okay.  I hoped to read quietly to myself while I drank tea, and so I gave her a book and then settled to read my book.  That was a vain and foolish idea because this was to be one of those afternoon tea times where you chat.

The week before, she had entertained me during a shopping trip.  We went into a shop that had a high counter.  Miss-Four-Year-Old found that if she stood on tiptoe she could just hook her nose onto the edge of the counter. So she did.

One lunchtime she came to relate the details of an argument she was having with one of her older sisters.  I suggested that she ignore the sister.  She rushed back to the battle ground and announced loudly, “I am etnowing you!”

Life can be a laugh a minute with a four year old around.  Hard work?  Oh yes.  Exhausting? Frustrating? Limiting?  Oh yes, all of these things.  But worth it?  You bet! Every minute of it.

Enjoy mothering your children today. For your own sake, enjoy your children. Each simple pleasure you enjoy with your child is a great pleasure, to treasure.  You know; the days go slowly but the years pass fast.

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