Look at my new store

You may have noticed that I have been quieter than usual at Homeschool Family Life.  This is because I have been beavering away at my new project for the past couple of months and now I can at last announce that I have opened an e-store on Homeschool Family Life website.  There is always a need for good quality curriculum which is simple to use and on subjects that are relevant to homeschoolers and that is what I have aimed to produce. I am homeschooling myself, so I know what works, and I have chosen a variety of topics and covered a wide age-range for the first e-booklets. 

Please take a look, see there is something there that suits you, and make suggestions for topics for future e-booklets.  If there is a demand, I will write more e-booklets. 

Also, the last couple of copies of the Diary and Organiser are for sale at hugely discounted prices.

Looking forward to your responses.


P.S. Please tell your friends: send them this link  Homeschool Family Life e-Store


Look at my new store — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Stephanie – tomorrow my younger two children and I will finish up our study on Wise Learners. Thank you so much for this ebook. We have all learnt much along the way and the children have enjoyed their homemade books and are very proud of them. I highly recommend this study for all families. Thanks again!

  2. Thanks Suzy for your lovely message. I really enjoyed this study with my children too. I would love to see a photo of the books you have made.
    Stephanie 🙂