What Will I Do in 2013?

It’s now six months since our youngest child finished homeschooling.  After 33 years of mothering and 27 wonderful years of homeschooling, my lovely children are all grown up. And I feel blessed out of my socks to have experienced such a lifestyle!

In the past six months I’ve come to fully understand and enjoy the fact that because your children are grown doesn’t mean that you spend less time with and on your children.  I’m as busy with family now, as I ever was; it’s just the things that I do which have changed.

As well as family life, during the last six months I’ve continued tutoring homeschooled children, guiding mothers and encouraging homeschoolers. I also spend a lot of time thinking about you, wondering how I can best offer encouragement and support, and praying for you.

I was going to stay doing these things during 2013.  But the break over Christmas has given me time to catch my breath and consider whether this is what I should be doing.  At the moment I don’t really know what God has got next for me.  There are some things I want to let go of, and some new things I want to have a try at.  Maybe this is the time to move on from supporting homeschooling mothers, or maybe I just need a rest before continuing – I don’t know, I’m just wondering out loud.

Taking a Sabbatical

So I’m taking a sabbatical from Homeschool Family Life.  I don’t know how long this break will be.  It might be a matter of weeks, or it might be months.  But in the meantime, Homeschool Family Life web site and all the pages and articles will remain, but I’ll be taking a break from writing for a while.

Special Discount on My Courses

My courses will still be available; all the products in my online store will remain.  And to encourage you while I am taking a break, I’ve decided to reduce the price of my courses for a couple of months.  In fact, I’ve decided to cut the price of the courses by a huge 50% so that the information will be reachable by more people and I’ll be able to continue supporting homeschoolers in this way.

Please tell your friends about the courses, let them know that the courses are on a special price for a short time and encourage them to join up.

In the meantime, don’t ever forget to *enjoy* your children.


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What Will I Do in 2013? — 13 Comments

  1. Oh Stephanie, how I will miss you! However, I hope your time is refreshing and uplifting. Good on you!

  2. I totally understand your decision. Enjoy your sabbatical. I will announce the discount on your courses on my website.

    Much love,


  3. I wish you peace and clarity as you take time to reflect on your path ahead. Thanks for all the support and encouragement you give!

  4. Hi Stephanie, wow isn’t life with the Lord so interesting!
    Never a dull moment and He is always moving us on to new prospects, new challenges and a higher level of faith hopefully! I will be praying that you experience a deeper level of intimacy with God and experience the joy of spending more time in his presence over this next season. May you have such a certainty of what He is leading you to do. Eph 3 v 16 – 21 Many blessings to you and your family.

  5. Thanks Silvia, and thank you very much for announcing the course discounts and for promoting my courses.

  6. Hi Elizabeth, thank you. And I am still here – just taking a breather to think and pray things through. 🙂

  7. Thank you Stephanie for the encouragement and inspiration you have given to so many of us. I am so grateful to God for you! Thank you for the beautiful example of mothering and teaching you have set us. I love you! May God bless and inspire you this year and may you be surprised by faith, hope and love in unexpected ways.

  8. Thank you Bronnie. I feel loved and encouraged. You have encouraged and inspired me many times. Thank you for the blessing you have prayed for me. Amen!

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