Why Bother With Advent?

Today, 28 November is the first Sunday of Advent.  So what’s Advent and why should we, as homeschoolers, bother with it? Advent is the four weeks leading to Christmas Day. It’s a time for preparing for Christmas from a spiritual point of view. It’s focusing on the why of Christmas, rather than focusing on the what of Christmas. If you … Continue reading

Book Review by Sheena Harris

I was very pleased when homeschooler, Sheena Harris, reviewed my book, Successful Homeschooling Made Easy.  Here’s what she had to say. Successful Homeschooling Made Easy by Stephanie Walmsley Reviewed by Sheena Harris For anyone who has embarked upon the journey of home educating their children, they would know just how daunting it can seem.  For those yet to begin – … Continue reading

Find Out About Homeschooling 30-minute Webinar

Unsettled times are causing a lot of people to consider whether homeschooling is suitable for them and their family.  Is that you? To help you decide, I am offering a 30-minute Zoom webinar at 7.30 pm tomorrow evening for people to find out about homeschooling in NZ. We will cover what is involved, what the legal requirement is, what sort … Continue reading

How to Choose an Alphabet Book

My favourite two-year-old was scrambling onto my knee with a library book for me to read to him. It was an alphabet book with beautiful pictures. As we turned the pages and chatted together about the pictures I noticed that some pages were better than others. This is often the case with alphabet books. And it’s not the beautiful pictures … Continue reading

Planning Your Homeschool Day with Under-Tens

When you are planning your homeschool day the age of your child or children will dictate how your day is planned.  One obvious example is that the younger the child the shorter the formal seat-work part of the day. With children up to the age of about ten, you will make many of the decisions on how your child will … Continue reading

3 Ways to Organize Your Homeschool Equipment

We often talk about the academic side of homeschooling – what style of homeschooling, which curriculum, what books and more.  But when you are at home, working with your children in a daily rhythm, there is another aspect which is equally important. And that’s the practical side of the job.  Where you sit to work, what equipment you need to … Continue reading

Why Homeschool Through the Teen Years?

It’s easy to homeschool little people, but when a child is going into the teen years many parents wonder about sending their child to school.  It’s a pity really, because homeschooling through the teen years has many advantages. I asked some young adults who were homeschooled through teen years what they thought of the experience.   The first two I asked … Continue reading

Best Homeschool Advice Ever

A couple of weeks ago I asked what was the best advice on parenting or homeschooling you ever received.  Here are some responses from homeschooling mothers: “Once you have decided to homeschool, choose to be 100% committed to it.  If you blow hot and cold on the idea of homeschool then you will find it much harder on the difficult … Continue reading

Two Best Science Books

I have chosen two top science book titles for you – books recommended by homeschoolers.  (Thanks so much to these kind homeschoolers who shared the titles and told me why they liked the books.) Science Rocks! by Ian Graham. Published by Dorling Kindersley. Each experiment only takes up one page to describe, making them not too complicated and the equipment … Continue reading

A Happy Way to Enjoy Science

Science is one of those subjects that you either love or hate. And whichever camp you belong to, you will be interested in knowing about Robert Krampf, The Happy Scientist. Robert has a fabulous web page, with a weekly newsletter, and some little videos of interesting and easy experiments, and he will certainly whet your appetite and your children’s appetite … Continue reading