Teaching Picture Study to Your Children

On Monday 15 November at 7.30 pm (NZ Daylight Saving Time) I’ll be giving a presentation on a Zoom call for HEART Northland. The topic is How to do a Picture Study with Your Children – A simple, easy and fun way to introduce your children to great works of art. I will talk about the why, how and what … Continue reading

Find Out About Homeschooling 30-minute Webinar

Unsettled times are causing a lot of people to consider whether homeschooling is suitable for them and their family.  Is that you? To help you decide, I am offering a 30-minute Zoom webinar at 7.30 pm tomorrow evening for people to find out about homeschooling in NZ. We will cover what is involved, what the legal requirement is, what sort … Continue reading

Good News! Firelight Foundation’s NZ Homeschool Conference Will Go Online!

The Firelight Foundation does a most wonderful job of supporting homeschoolers all around New Zealand. Last year I was on the tour (North Island only for me) and it was so good to meet up with homeschoolers from all over the country. I met up with old friends, made new friends, saw second generation homeschoolers, This year, the Firelight Foundation … Continue reading

Time for a Change

After 36 years of supporting mothers, including 25 of those years supporting homeschooling families it is time for me to ‘shift gears’.  I have other things in my family and local community that I am becoming involved in, and I want to concentrate more on those things for a while. I have something to offer before I take a long … Continue reading

Thinking Ahead

This week I printed my own copy of The Homeschooler’s Christmas Planner and settled down to organise myself in readiness for ‘the busy season’. It’s funny pulling out  a planner that you made with others in mind and then finding it so useful for yourself.  I like the planner.  I like the way it helps me get organised and focused.  … Continue reading

Art Appreciation in Auckland

At last!  A rare opportunity for people within striking distance of Auckland to experience some cool art appreciation! (And a discount on one of my study guides – read on.) Rembrandt Remastered is described as ‘a remarkable collection of digitally remastered and life size paintings from  one of the world’s greatest painters of all time. Each work reproduced exactly as it may have left … Continue reading

Look at My New Store

I have been updating my online store. My techie person (AKA Philip) listened to my pleas for a simpler system which didn’t require people to have to register and sign in to buy a simple PDF booklet. He searched for a simpler checkout system, and then spent some time moving everything across for me. I am really pleased. I’ve put … Continue reading

Mother’s Day Free eBooklet

I have a free Mother’s Day ebooklet for you.  It’s aimed at children and teens, so you might like to download this book for your children. Here’s the link for you:  www.homeschoolfamilylife.com/happy-mothers-day It will be live for a few weeks. Enjoy!

What I’ve Been Doing?

I’ve been busy lately, really busy working at my desk on changing some background things at Homeschool Family Life. I have updated all my courses.  (Very big job.) I’ve been looking for a new online store because I know the current one is unfriendly and clunky and I can’t make changes to it.  Hopefully I will find something that will … Continue reading

From My Window

I’m fascinated and thrilled by the wonderful views from our new abode in the country. Spring is showing up everywhere; for example, this is the view out of the window from my desk:   And this is what I saw out of the window the other afternoon when I walked into the bedroom.  That’s my favourite one-year-old with his mummy… And finally, a … Continue reading