The Power of a Short Story

Today we were given the news that 1.6 million people would stay in one of the harshest lockdowns in the world for a fifth week. Lockdown is tough on everyone. All ages from tiny babies to great-grandparents. All struggle in different ways. And the other day I was thinking about how our children are not able to meet and play … Continue reading

Making the Best of It

Some people like lockdown. A shop assistant in a fruit and veggie shop who was rushed off her feet serving customers heard about the new ‘level four lockdown’ and said she was looking forward to lockdown and being able to spend some time at home with her hubby and children. A business owner said he was ‘gutted’ and didn’t know … Continue reading

HEART Retreat 2021

I was very pleased to be invited to speak at the Northland HEART Retreat this year. My topic title is ‘A Simple Life, Richly Lived’. And it will be an opportunity to look at some encouraging thoughts, ideas and philosophies of the Christian educator and philosopher, Charlotte Mason, and learn more about how to foster a rich and peaceful home … Continue reading

Problems with the website

Oh my goodness! Have I had problems with my websites! There has been a problem with the hosting company which was bought out by a large corporate company who started taking sites offline when the sites came up for renewal because the new company forgot somehow to check that the renewal had been paid. It’s taken a long time and … Continue reading

Time for a Change

After 36 years of supporting mothers, including 25 of those years supporting homeschooling families it is time for me to ‘shift gears’.  I have other things in my family and local community that I am becoming involved in, and I want to concentrate more on those things for a while. I have something to offer before I take a long … Continue reading

Thinking Ahead

This week I printed my own copy of The Homeschooler’s Christmas Planner and settled down to organise myself in readiness for ‘the busy season’. It’s funny pulling out  a planner that you made with others in mind and then finding it so useful for yourself.  I like the planner.  I like the way it helps me get organised and focused.  … Continue reading

We Have Lambs

Maybe it’s because I am still quite new to country life (only been living in the country a year) but I’m thrilled and delighted every time I see a newborn lamb. The first lamb of the season was right outside our bedroom window – what a happy surprise! We’ve had lots of twins and they are the cutest ever.  They usually … Continue reading